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January 27, 2010

E.M. Forster’s Howards End has been a tremendous read. Obviously, since you haven’t heard much about it here, I have been reading it rather slowly. It’s strange, actually. I remember flying through A Room with a View. There’s just something about the prose and the characters in this book that makes me want to read every paragraph twice. In fact, a few days ago, as I was getting off the bus, the driver asked me how I was enjoying my book. He said that he noticed my reading because I “seemed really into it.” That’s how I feel whenever I open this book–entirely absorbed.

Before I read my first Forster book, I wasn’t really sure what his writing was like. So here’s a little bit of a taste in case you may be wondering as well.

It did not seem so difficult. She need trouble him with no gift of her own. She would only point out the salvation that was latent in his own soul, and in the soul of every man. Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its highest. Live in fragments no longer. Only connect, and the beast and the monk, robbed of the isolation that is life to either, will die.

You can see why it might take a while to read this book. How many times does that paragraph need to be read before it makes sense? But when it does, it is so beautiful!



  1. I can definitely see why you can’t fly through Howards End–like swimming in custard!

    BTW, you are the recipient of the Superior Scribber Award. Visit me: http://janegs.blogspot.com/2010/01/superior-scribbler-award.html, for details.

  2. Howards End is definitely more dense than Room with a View. I read it in college, it was one of the first classics that I really enjoyed. I much prefer it to Passage to India, still don’t understand why that’s supposed to be his best work.

    • Yeah, Howards End is definitely dense. It’s one of those books that you could read over and over again!

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