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November 19, 2009

Many book bloggers are posting photos of the books that they plan to read before the year ends or during their holiday vacations. I thought that I’d share the current stack of books that I’m reading. You can probably see bookmarks in all but the top two. My goal isn’t necessarily to finish them all by the end of the year–it’s more that I just need to only read from this stack of books. It’d be nice to have a nice clean slate for the begining of next year, wouldn’t it? I usually don’t worry about bringing many books with me when I go to visit my family around this time of year. Between birthday gifts and Christmas gifts, I usually receive more than enough books to keep me busy for the week I take off of work! And I always like to indulge myself by taking some time on Christmas to read one of my new gifts. But this year, since I’d really like to finish some of the ones in this stack, I may take more than usual on vacation with me!

Here’s what’s up there:

North and South: Even though I won’t be participating in the Gaskell Classics Circuit, I’d still like to read along with everyone else. She’s been an author that I’ve wanted to read for ages, ever since a friend of mine loved Wives and Daughters. (And recommended it to me all the time!) This may be my vacation read.

The Brothers Karamazov: This might not sound like a cheery holiday read, but the translators keep insisting that really, in the original Russian, Dostoyevsky was quite jokey and playful! I guess I’ll find out. I tend to adore Russian literature anyway, so I’m not worried. This is for my real life book club, so I intend to start it this weekend and finish it by December 14.

Frederica: I figure that between finishing the Collins and starting the Dostoyevsky, I’ll need something a bit lighter. I inexplicably started the first 40 pages of this back in the summertime and forgot about it. I love Heyer. This will be a nice break.

Walk the Blue Fields: I’m looking forward to finishing the last two stories in this collection.

The Count of Monte Cristo: Earlier this year I took two 24 hour plane flights; the plan was to only bring one book and finish it. Turns out that when you’re in the air for 24 hours, you’re more likely to read mindless mysteries. (Thank you Tana French, for In the Woods.) I did love this book for the first several hours, though. I’m about halfway through and would love to finish this. Usually Dumas just flies by for me.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood: I really want to read the new Drood book that came out this Summer; I even have a hardcover that I bought the week it came out. Of course, I had to read the original Dickens first, and now I’ve been stuck on this one for forever. Amazon helpfully tells me that the paperback of Drood will be out in February; let’s hope that I can finish the Dickens and the Simmons by then!

The Name of the Rose: This is a fun book, but very slow. I’ve had a hard time picking it up, simply because the other books I’m reading always seem more fun.

The Secret Life of Words: The only nonfiction book in the stack, this might get some read time simply because I am so close to finishing it. Only two chapters away from the end. A very interesting book about the origins of the English language. I haven’t been in much of a nonfiction mood the last several months; perhaps that will change.

Does anyone else try to finish up all their remainders at the end of the year? How successful have you been?


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  1. I love Dostoevksy! And Pevear & Volokhonsky! I have that same copy of Brothers Karamazov waiting for me. :) Heyer is a wonderful break author. And Name of the Rose is AWESOME.

    Yes, I always try to finish all my books by midnight on the 31st. Usually, I’m pretty successful, because I watch what I start reading in December, lol.

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