Can’t talk, must read

November 15, 2009

noName.cgiEvery time I sit down to compose a blog post, I get restless and think that I should be off reading. That’s how much I’m loving No Name. I just can’t stop reading it. It’s become one of those books where I feel like I’m living in that world and that real life is just an annoying thing I must get through in order to go back to 19th century England and the characters that I’d find there. I’ll have a more formal review up when it’s my turn for the classics circuit. One of the things that I’ve loved about this circuit so far is that it has really influenced what I think about while reading. A number of the bloggers so far have commented on Collins’s attitude towards women–does his writing show a pro-women’s rights stance? Or do the chauvinistic comments of some of his male (and even female!) characters condone the treatment of women as underlings? Moored at Sea had a thought provoking post (and comments section) about these questions, and they have definitely been in the back of my mind while reading this book. Or, perhaps at the front of my mind, since the novel’s plot is so concerned with women’s rights, or the lack thereof.

Ok, I’m off to go read more about Magdalen.

Edited to add: Here’s the other post at Book Gazing that talks about Collins and women. So much to think about before I write my circuit post!



  1. I read this very recently as part of my Sensation Season and utterly loved it. I also thought it was a fascinating look at the way women were treated during the victorian period. Just because we had a woman on the thrown didnt mean we had empowered women. Enjoy the rest of it!

    • Thanks! I am enjoying the rest of it! Even if I’m on the edge of my seat the whole time wondering what will happen to Magdalen!

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying this book! It sounds so wonderful and I’m delighted to hear that you are pulled away from blogging and other activities because you are so eager to go read more.

    • I have been very impressed with this novel. It actually looks like I might finish well before the date I planned on! Thanks again for organizing this circuit. It’s been a blast reading everyone’s thoughts about Collins. It’s kind of like a month long book club.

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