Teaser Tuesday

November 10, 2009

noName.cgiI have been entirely engrossed in this novel. Because I didn’t want to ruin any surprises, I only allowed my book to fall open to any page before the page that I’m currently reading. For those who haven’t read it, this particular passage does do a large bit of foreshadowing, but only in the least spoiler-y way possible. Essentially, this book is about two sisters. This is one character’s observations about the main character, the sister named Magdalen.

“Be careful how you manage that sister of yours,” said Mr Clare, without noticing the question. “She has one great misfortune to contend with: she’s not made for the ordinary jog-trot of a woman’s life. I don’t say I can see straight to the end of the good or the evil in her–I only warn you, her future will be no common one.”

Page 168 of the Oxford World’s Classics edition


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