Final Thoughts on Dracula

November 2, 2009

draculaReading this book was nothing like I expected it would be. I thought that I knew the main point of the Dracula story, but it turns out that the novel is much more than what you see on TV or in the movies. I actually find myself quite torn about this book–there are some things that I really like, but then there are times when I find the poor writing distracting from the great story and funny characters. Right now, I feel like my final thoughts on Dracula lean more negative than positive. Most of the things that I found funny or endearing were almost certainly not intentionally written to be that way. (These include: the hilarious “rugged American” stereotype character, every character’s cute obsession with writing, Mina’s unbelievable absolute perfection, Van Helsing’s bizarre accent and total lack of sense of humor.) I probably should have been more scared than I actually was. With the exception of a few chapters in the middle of the book, the plot was actually a lot more talk than exciting action.

I’m probably being too harsh here. I actually feel like some of the things that bothered me about this book wouldn’t have annoyed me if I hadn’t dragged the reading out to last an entire month. If I weren’t reading at a slower schedule to try and keep in step with the other readers at Infinite Summer, I may not have become so frustrated with the characters. (Hanging out with the Dracula gang for one week would probably be less excruciating than a whole month.) And the book’s slow pace probably seemed even slower because I was only reading one chapter at a time.

In any case, I am so very glad that I read this classic novel. Its influence on so much popular culture today is certainly justification enough for picking up this book. And the laughs and (few) scares it gave me were definitely worth slogging through some of the longer parts.


One comment

  1. “poor writing distracting from the great story and funny characters.”

    The poor writing and the blood made it something I really hated. I had a hard time seeing beyond the blood. I know, what was I expecting. I just don’t like horror and this confirmed it!!

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