New Books!

October 1, 2009

newbooksOctI had an Amazon.com gift card, so I treated myself to a few new books. Unusually, I expect to read all of them pretty quickly. The first is the new Margaret Atwood book, The Year of the Flood, which was the reason why I reread Oryx and Crake a few weeks ago. I’m already zooming through this one.

The next book in the stack up there is Bram Stoker’s Dracula. (That Amazon cover is very out-of-date.) I just began reading that today, along with many others over at Infinite Summer: Dracula. They’ve had a few interesting guest posts already, and their line-up looks great. I’m hoping to post about my Dracula reading every week, though perhaps more. I read the first chapter today, and I’m already pretty astounded at how different the setup is from what I remember of most vampire/Dracula movies. I can’t wait to read more. About a year ago, I read Frankenstein for the first time, and it blew me away. I’m hoping to be just as astounded by Dracula!

The third book is Emile Zola’s The Masterpiece. This is for this month’s book club read. We previously read Zola’s Nana, which I found intriguing and off-putting at the same time. So I’m looking forward to reading some work by Zola that doesn’t focus on prostitutes and their innate appeal to males. I find the femme fatale archetype a bit boring and overdone most of the time, no matter how great the writing is. Hopefully I can read The Masterpiece without being judgmental. (Although I get that that’s part of the point of Zola.)

It’s looking to be a pretty busy October around here, as I’m also planning to read Wilkie Collins’ No Name as part of the cool new Classics Circuit. I actually bought this book a while ago, intending to read it during October as a great Halloween mystery, but Dracula had bumped it from it’s spot in my “to read” list. Now I’ll just have to read both! I adored The Moonstone when I read it a few months ago. Actually, one of the things that I’m liking about Dracula is that its composition reminds me of The Moonstone–the same story told by different people in different formats. (Yet another reason why The Moonstone was so ahead of its time….but that’s a post for another day.)

Here’s to a book-filled October!


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