Sunday Short Stories: Maria by Elizabeth Bowen

September 28, 2009


I got so used to reading my short stories on Sunday nights before I went to the sleep that I forgot that I would need to read my weekly story earlier in the day if I intend to write about them on Sundays! So here’s a little write-up about the random story that I chose to read last night, Maria by Elizabeth Bowen. It’s in an old used book that I own called The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen. It was published in 1981 and claims to be the first place that her complete stories are published. It also has some nice illustrations.

Maria is an odd little story about a teenaged orphan girl who is sent to live with strangers when her aunt and uncle go on vacation. The family she stays with is strangely nice to her despite her rudeness, so Maria tries to find ways to get attention. The story follows Maria as she attempts some minor ways of bad behavior, but then ends rather abruptly when Maria nearly misses getting into a huge scrape. I found this story charming but vague and rather directionless. It does, however, have that fantastic prose that I love and that Elizabeth Bowen writes so well.



  1. good attempt

  2. nice try of explaining it but something is missing in it

  3. I want the story of Maria please send it to my email

  4. The criticism is as incoclusive as the vaguenes of the story.

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